The purchase sub-section allows you to capture any purchases made from a supplier.

To access the Purchase sub-section and add a purchase, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Navigate to the Purchase Sub-Section of the Inventory module (Red menu item in the Purchase sub-section (Inventory) image above).

  • Click the Add Purchase tab.

  • Complete all the required fields and if required, complete the optional fields. Make sure to complete the Product selection and quantity. You can add additional rows by clicking the Add Rows button to add multiple products from the supplier to the list of purchases.

  • Click Save.

Once you have saved your purchase, you will be redirected to the Purchase List page where you will see the saved purchase.

You have a number of options available in this screen.

  • Copy - copies the store details to your computers memory that will allow you to paste it into another program such as Excel.

  • Excel - allows you to download a list of stores in Excel (xlsx) format.

  • CSV - allows you to download a list of stores in CSV format.

  • PDF - allows you to download a list of stores in a PDF document.

  • Print - allows you to print a list of stores.

  • Columns - allows you to show/hide columns displayed on screen.

You also have two additional options under the Action column to edit or delete a purchase.

The final item in the action column is to change the status of the purchase from Ordered to received.

NOTE: You will also note that the column Payment Status is marked as Unpaid once you created the purchase. The status may change but the actual status is not correct. This is a known bug and will be updated, hopefully in the next release.

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